Joola Team Premium
Joola Team Premium

Joola Team Premium

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The JOOLA TEAM Premium bat is perfect for the ambitious table tennis player training to get results quickly from the soft touch and powerful rubber it offers. This racket was developed for use by intermediate-level players and by schools with the help of silver medal Olympic Table Tennis winners Joerg Rosskopf and Steffen Fetzner. The JOOLA Team Premium racket features 2.0 mm Teacher rubber with Ergo grip technology and consistent control, spin, and speed.


Bat with 2.0 mm TEACHER rubbers (ITTF) for ambitious players.
Strong construction and durable rubbers.

Additional Information

Rubber: Teacher

Handle: Flared

Veneer: 5 Ply

Speed: 80

Control: 85

Spin: 85

Ergo Grip : New generation grip, rounded, ergonomic, immediately adapts to the hand. Selected plywood : High quality, specially glued veneers for the best feeling and speed.