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  • Butterfly Dignics 05 - TT Sports
  • Butterfly Dignics 05 - TT Sports
  • Butterfly Dignics 05 - TT Sports
  • Butterfly Dignics 05 - TT Sports
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Butterfly Dignics 05

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indoorTable INew from Butterfly !!

Butterfly Dignics 05 guides your play to a more advanced level.

The combination of the new and improved Spring Sponge X technology with an advanced surface sheet and Code 05 pimples structure provide increased grip with the feeling of literally “holding the ball” on impact. DIGNICS 05 features additional elasticity, precision and spin performance of the highest order. Recommended for the most modern offensive table tennis with focus on spin – DIGNICS 05 will raise your game to new heights and provide high passive control of incoming spin - performance in passive play and serve-receive play will improve markedly. 

DIGNICS 05 combines unique attributes, making it a very special table tennis rubber: 

  • Spring Sponge X: the hard (40°) spring sponge x provides high elasticity, lending a strong catapult effect to DIGNICS 05
  • New surface: The grippy surface of DIGNICS 05 was designed in pursuit of strong spin performance. 
  • Longevity: The hard sponge combined with the new top sheet provides high resistance to abrasion, leading to higher durability even when compared to the TENERGY series. DIGNICS 05 will remain playable for a longer time, losing very little elasticity in the process. 

DIGNICS 05 provides catapult with high surface grip - a unique combination for table tennis rubbers. Superstar Timo Boll uses DIGNICS 05 on his backhand side, relying on the power and spin performance of DIGNICS 05.