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Donic Baracuda Big Slam

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Product information "DONIC Baracuda Big Slam"

Allround players that focus on attacking in a controlled manner and with spin.
Soft, spinny, excellent control and with a satisfying sound.
Technology: Soft sponge, spin-elastic topsheet.

The BARRACUDA rubbers have been designed based on the Formula DONIC, but with one decisive addition: The ball leaves the rubber in a considerably higher arc, providing much more spin for topspin strokes. The spin stabilises the flight path of the ball and increases accuracy when hitting the ball with topspin.

ITTF Approval Code 21-006    Donic 13080
Rubber Thickness MAX 
control: 7
speed: 9-
spin: 10++
hardness: Soft+
surface: spin-elastic
Characteristics: AR +, OFF, OFF -
DONIC-Technology: New Formula Technology