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Joola Dynaryz CMD

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With the JOOLA DYNARYZ CMD you are one step ahead of your competition! You have a good touch, you are in control of your game and you are precise in your strokes. The sound is unique. The soft variant of the Dynaryz series defines the basic properties of soft-medium rubbers in a special way - and packs a punch on the performance side. With the Hyper Bounce Sponge and the Advanced Traction Surface, which are characteristic of the Dynaryz line, you will be able to generate high-quality shots with more spin and dynamics!

HYPERBOUNCE SPONGE – The vibrant purple of the HYPERBOUNCE SPONGE symbolizes the intensity this sponge brings to your game. This ground-breaking sponge has been engineered to possess massive amounts of potential energy, which is released upon ball contact to create explosive power for each and every attack.

ADVANCED TRACTION SURFACE – The high-friction ADVANCED TRACTION SURFACE wraps and propels the ball from the rubber to generate increased spin and to provide more control

Spin: 122
Control: 95
Speed: 110