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Joola Rhyzen Fire Max

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A powerful offensive rubber of the latest generation, with a medium-hard sponge and high trajectory for your topspin power play. The Sweetzone technology ensures an even ball bounce, which increases the consistency and security of your attack shots. After a sensitive serve/return game, you can put your opponent under decisive pressure with the explosiveness of the JOOLA RHYZEN FIRE and win the point.


Thanks to a particularly forgiving bounce behavior, SWEETZONE technology increases the optimal hitting area on the surface. The player receives pleasant feedback from the ball and gains confidence in his shots. The sensitive top rubber allows for an extended ball contact time and thus gives the player the opportunity to better control the trajectory of the balls. The Sweet Zone technology gives the player enormous self-confidence and represents pure joy of playing!

Covering technology: ES Traction, Momentum Sponge, Sweetzone