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  • Joola Rhyzen ZGR - TT Sports
  • Joola Rhyzen ZGR - TT Sports
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Joola Rhyzen ZGR

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Get ready to outperform your opponent with JOOLA RHYZEN ZGR!  Designed to optimize energy transfer, the Hyper Traction Surface is extremely grippy and allows you to increase ball rotation with precision. The kinetic energy held within the hard Balance sponge guarantees an impressive catapult effect and significant speed when released. Overwhelm and outwork your opponents with JOOLA RHYZEN ZGR!


Country of origin: Germany
Rubber technology: HS Traction, Balance Sponge
Sponge thickness: max+, 2,0
Sponge hardness: hard
Effet: 131
Control: 82
Speed: 118