Joola Rhyzer Pro 45
Joola Rhyzer Pro 45
Joola Rhyzer Pro 45
Joola Rhyzer Pro 45
Joola Rhyzer Pro 45

Joola Rhyzer Pro 45

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Enjoyable to play, as we know it from medium-hard rubbers, and at the same time equipped with a dynamic range that has been unique to date - this is how the continuation of the RHYZER Pro line with 45 ° sponge hardness can be described. The pimple geometry of the RHYZER Pro 45 is designed with wide pimple necks at short intervals for an increased contact area and provides a lot of power with the well-known, dynamic, medium-pored pink sponge. Offensive-thinking types of players who value a high spin and speed potential as well as a comfortable touch feel will find themselves here. The RHYZER PRO 45 offers the complete package!

Type of covering: Nubs inside
Sponge color: pink
Covering type: With built-in speed glue effect
Origin: Germany
Base technology: Tensor, Geo Grip Power, Advanced Rubber Construction Concept (ARC)
Strategy: Offensive, offensive extremes
Sponge thickness: 2.0, max.
Sponge structure: Coarse-pored
Speed: Almost, extremes
Spin: Extra high
Sponge hardness: medium
Sponge hardness °: 45
Net weight (in g): 50
Gross weight (in kg): 0.072