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Joola Rossi Emotion PBO-c

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The extremely popular JOOLA ROSSKOPF EMOTION, which is already considered a classic, served as the basis for the development of the ROSSKOPF EMOTION PBO-c. JOOLA legend and men's national trainer Jörg Roßkopf was once again involved in the development of the product. Especially when working out the smallest nuances, the experience and enormous knowledge of the material was a decisive factor on the way to the finished product. 

The seven-layer ROSSKOPF EMOTION PBO-c was equipped with the very popular JOOLA premium synthetic fiber fabric "PBO-c", which lies directly on the core veneer (inner layer). The PBO-c veneer, which is on the inside for the first time, gives the player a clear plus in speed and dynamics with the highest precision compared to the classic ROSSKOPF EMOTION. The high-quality Hinoki outer veneers combine a fantastically soft ball touch with a significantly longer ball contact time. 

The interaction of the inner PBO-c fibers and the Hinoki outer veneer gives the EMOTION PBO-c a completely new feel: maximum energy transfer from the inside and an exceptionally controlled attack conveyed by the outside of the wood.   

The use of the highest quality materials, the elaborate design and the outstanding processing quality make the ROSSKOPF EMOTION PBO-c an experience.


... about the development of wood production in recent years: In the
past, people mostly played with so-called solid wood. Specific technologies were less in the foreground here. Today manufacturers work much more meticulously on innovations when it comes to development. Woods are not just "playground equipment",
they are an expression of individuality and can therefore also be seen as a "statement". In terms of technology and design, the expectations of today's TT players have increased immensely.

... to the serious innovations in the technology sector :
After developing the classic Rossi Emotion wood, I was now also involved in the creation of the latest premium wood, the Rossi EMOTION PBO-c. The decisive innovation of this wood is the processing of the high-quality PBO fiber, which is woven with carbon fibers (PBO-c). In some tests we were able to determine that this PBO-c connection leads to a softer feel with a maximum of dynamics. Many JOOLA players are enthusiastic about the new technology. Daniel Habesohn (Energon Super PBO-c) and Petrissa Solja (Nobilis PBO-C) have already achieved great success with their new blades in the recent past.

... to differentiate between the classic Emotion and the new Emotion PBO-c:
The aim of the development was to design an offensive blade from the start, which is basically based on the popular Rossi Emotion veneer composition. Due to my work as a national coach and the constant exchange with players, I was able to determine early on with the introduction of the plastic ball that the new ball led to a reduction in speed and rotation. So my approach to developing the Rossi Emotion PBO-c was to compensate for this disadvantage. Two main factors lead significantly in this direction: The extremely dynamic PBO-c fiber and the use of thick, very high-quality, soft Kiso Hinoki outer veneers. The synthetic fiber is not under the face veneer, but over the core veneer. This gives the player a softer feel and more control while still maintaining stiffness.

Weght: 93g