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Joola Rosskopf Classic

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The all-round competition table tennis bat JOOLA ROSSKOPF CLASSIC with ITTF-approved JOOLA MICRON rubbers is for players who have mastered almost all of the basic techniques. The incredibly grippy top rubber of the JOOLA MICRON rubber ensures extreme spin in attacking play. This high-quality product shows its strengths especially in the topspin area. The special sponge incorporated into the handle absorbs vibrations and enables more control when returning the ball.

Quality: 6 stars
Handle shape: Concave
Permit: ITTF approved surface
Veneers: 5
Technology wood: Ergo Grip, Compwood
Covering variant: Micron
Sponge thickness: 2.0
Effect: 111
Control: 109
Speed: 109
Gross weight (in kg): 0.22