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Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot

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The latest Robot in the Power Pong range

Top model features at a lower price!

The Power Pong BETA comes with additional features compare to the Alpha.

The new features are: 50 memory slots, able to produce heavier topspin and under spin balls and the option for a short break at the end of the drill when you start it with a serve.

The Power Pong BETA table tennis robot is a 3-wheel head robot that shares most of its features with the Power Pong Delta and Power Pong Omega. It's able to create "complex" training drills, involving a serve or return of serve, followed by a combination of balls with no spin, underspin, sidespin and topspin combinations.

The Power Pong BETA provides you with a fully realistic training experience at a much lower price than other robots with comparable features.

It will also be upgradable to both the Delta and Omega.

Comparison vs other brands
The BETA can produce spin combinations with no spin, medium and heavy spin and similar products around the same price range can only do 1 type of a spin at a time.
Much higher priced products might have more memory slots for much higher price, but the other features and the quality of shots are the same.


Physical control box
Catch net to recycle balls for continuous play.
30 pre-saved drills
Mini remote control to start/stop robot and change ball frequency
(the size of a car fob to keep in your pocket while playing)
Power Pong 3 years parts and labor warranty.


Up to 6 balls with different type and amount of spin, speed, trajectory and placement can be set with each drill.
• Can produce a no-spin ball.
• Automatic Frequency control
• Have a random (RND) mode/settings to make ball placement less robotic.
• 50 Memory slots for saving your favorite drills.
• Pre-programmed drills are included and can be changed or adjusted.
• Come with a ball recycling net for continuous play.
• Covered by Power Pong’s three-years parts and labor warranty.

Power Pong Beta vs Delta

The Power Pong BETA can have a maximum of 6 balls per drill, compared to 8 balls per drill for the Power Pong Delta and Omega models. However, for many players, 6 balls will be plenty!
There is also less memory space for saving drills with the Power Pong Beta, but you can still store 50 of your favorites.

The Beta can also produce extreme amount of spin similar to the Delta and Omega.