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Stiga Cybershape Carbon Master

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Did you watch the 2021 WTT World Championships?

Truls Morgan who was ranked 77 in the world  set the table tennis world on fire reaching the finals using his new Stiga Cybershape Carbon Blade!

The dream has continued and as of July 2022 Truis is still using the Stiga Cyber Blade and is now ranked number 5 in the world!


Stiga Cybershape – a completely new type of blade with a unique shape and larger hitting area! Cybershape is a table tennis blade that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Not only does it boast a unique and impressive shape, it also has an optimised hitting area. Our studies have shown that, for the majority of players, the optimal hitting area lies on the top half of the blade. That’s why we’ve optimised the hitting area to be 11% larger for the shakehand grip and 9% larger for the penhold grip compared to a traditional blade. One of the special features of Cybershape is that, during returns, the hitting area is as much as 6.5 cm closer to the table compared with 2.5 cm for a round blade. Since the majority of strokes of a professional player (both backhand and forehand) are made on the top half of the racket, it is precisely here that Cybershape excels. The larger hitting area provides an improved sweet spot, thus making it easier for the player to control their short serves and returns, for example. As the hitting area on the top part has been expanded, the bottom part has been reduced by 2% in order to not make the blade too heavy and cause an imbalance. Cybershape is a 5+2-ply blade based on CCF (Close Core Fibre) technology, which means that the carbon layer sits directly on top of the wood core. The result is more control and speed in your game. By means of the lightweight and technologically advanced, German-made carbon fibre composite, we were able to offset its weight, so although Cyberspace has a larger surface area than a regular blade, it is not heavier. Cybershape’s unique shape also makes it easier for the player to see the hitting area when serving. Thanks to its different angles, the player has six corners to choose from, depending on the type and amount of spin they want. In collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of Technology, we also tested the vibration properties of Cybershape, i.e. how the blade responds when it meets the ball. The tests showed that Cybershape has a larger sweet spot that lies further out on the blade when compared with a regular-shaped blade. The frequency response is also more linear, which means that the vibrations are transported differently to the handle and hand. For the player, this means a completely new and unique feel during play compared with a traditional blade.

I use STIGA Cybershape because I believe it’s the shape for a future world champion! - Truls Moregan

I’ve been using Cybershape Carbon from the first day STIGA released it in early November. When I first saw the blade, I thought it looked really cool, and when I was told about the benefits of the new shape, I was intrigued. After using the blade for just a couple of training sessions, I felt it approved my game right away, and the adjustment time was basically zero, therefore I decided to officially change to the blade during my World Championships preparations. Now after using it for about a month, I already feel how the blade has helped me improve my game in terms of being able to make a higher percentage of high-quality shots, use the bigger sweet spot to my advantage when trying to receive the ball from difficult angles, and providing my game with more confidence. Can’t wait to use the blade in the first match of the 2021 World Championships. /Truls Möregårdh

Bullet Point Description

. An offensive table tennis blade with a revolutionary, patent pending and design-protected shape that provides an optimised hitting area.

Cybershape Carbon is approved for all types of competition.

Our studies have shown that, the optimal hitting area lies on the top half of the blade. That’s why we’ve optimised the hitting area to be 11% larger for the shakehand grip and 9% larger for the penhold grip compared to a traditional blade.

CCF technology with a carbon fibre layer on the wood core for a softer touch and greater control.

The shape allows the player to easily angle the bat as desired and get just the right amount of spin when serving.

According to measurements from tests carried out in collaboration with KTH, Cybershape has a more linear frequency response than a traditional blade, which creates a completely new feel during play.

Reflective lens that alternates between purple and blue depending on the angle.