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Stiga Cybershape Future Table Tennis Bat

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It’s here: STIGA's first lifestyle table tennis bat in our revolutionary Cybershape design! Cybershape Future 3-star is a 3-star table tennis bat developed and designed together with STIGA player and deputy world champion Truls Möregårdh. Truls is undoubtedly the most promising talent in Swedish table tennis. Already as a 17-year-old, he progressed from the forests of Småland to Japan’s top league, by way of a Swedish championship gold and then on to Texas and a World Championship silver medal in 2021.
Cybershape Future 3-star is an ultimate combination of a 5-layer wooden blade, a concave handle for perfect comfort and grip, and the ITTF-approved Truls Möregårdh rubber, based on DNA Platinum's unique playing characteristics and adapted for players in development. This is a premium table tennis bat, designed for offensive players. It’s ideal for those who want optimal control and touch while developing playing skills. Behind the magic is the WRB technology, which gives the player increased speed in the strike, with more power and improved touch. This complete table tennis bat makes play easy thanks to Cybershape's unique design and properties.
Our research has shown that for the majority of players, the optimal hitting area lies in the upper half of the blade. That's why we wanted to create an easy-play bat that will also take your game to the next level. Cybershape offers a larger hitting surface in the upper section of the blade and reduced hitting surface on the lower part of the blade, which means that the blade is not too top-heavy, thus offering perfect balance together with the ultimate sweet spot. With Cybershape Future 3-star, we're challenging the limits of what's possible in table tennis technology to bring you something completely new. Take your game to the next level! The shape also allows a larger part of the hitting surface to come closer to the table in return play. A full 6.5 cm of the hitting surface aligns with the table versus 2.5 cm for a round blade. You’ll not only have a topnotch bat – you’ll also be the one who wins the most points.

Approved By ITTF: Yes
Player Level: 3-Star
Shape: Cybershape
Control: 56
Speed: 90


Technologies: Truls Möregårdh 3-Star 2,0mm Rubber, WRB, ACS, Crystal, NCT-Nano