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Stiga Emerald VPS V

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Stiga Top Level Blade >> End of Line Special !!
The Emerald VPS V is a 5-ply offensive blade built around two hand-selected middle veneers that are special temperature treated. This gives the blade a unique stability and combined with the new beautiful green Ebenholz outer veneers, the Emerald VPS V offers a sensational feeling, ideal for offensive players who demands good speed combined with control. The final finish by the Diamond Touch Technology gives the outer surface extra hardness and an incredibly smooth finish.
Winner (Anatomic) Grip
  • Offensive 5-ply blade build to suit today’s modern game.
  • Green Ebenholz outer veneers with extra hardness.
  • Special temperature treated middle veneers (VPS) provide great stability.
  • Surface with extra hardness and smooth finish thanks to the Diamond Touch Technology.
  • Built to suite today’s modern game: aggressive receives and powerful topspin shots

Stiga Sweden Data:

Elasticity Stiff
Style Off
Technologies VPS
Weight (g) 90 ± 5
Control 63
Speed 117