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Victas V 11 Extra

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A new era rubber for top athletes of all generations, equipped with Lightning Tension technology while inheriting the DNA of the V> 15 series . Approximately 10% lighter than the " V> 15 Extra ".
Furthermore, the latest seat technology has created a gear that has the strongest grip among VICTAS rubbers, although the seat is soft.

The V > 11 Extra is an OFF rubber for the new generation of top-level players on the lookout for a new rubber which perfectly combines the features of the V > 15 series with less weight. Thanks to the innovative material composition of the new “Lightning Tension” design, V > 11 Extra is approx. 10% lighter than V > 15 Extra at the same performance level. The new 47.5° OFF sponge combines power and vigour with excellent feel, and the aggressive spin produced by the optimized top sheet leaves nothing to be desired.

Rubber Thickness Max

Rubber Hardness 47.5