Victas V 15 Extra
Victas V 15 Extra

Victas V 15 Extra

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High-quality table tennis rubber from Victas

Used by Japanese Star Koko Niwa

Gear that emphasizes the power to produce decisive hits. Overwrite the opponent's ball with intense rotation and speed and return it. A gear that emphasizes power and produces a decisive hit that punches the opponent.

This new rubber from Victas is designed for a high spin loop / counterloop game for advanced players.
The extremely high grip is not only great for spin, but it was specifically designed for the plastic balls, where extra grip and zero-slippage is more important than ever.

Koki Niwa (Winner 2010 Youth Olympic Games, World Juniors 2011, Russian Open 2014.  2021 World Ranking #18.
To win the actual game I chose this equipment without considering only spin or speed. When I used this equipment in the game I realized I could play the game without feeling uncomfortable. Compared to before I felt my performance had improved. What I like most about this equipment was is it resulted in an increase in rotational speed on the ball. I was also satisfied with the counter drive.