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Yasaka Rigan

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Yasaka RIGAN table tennis rubber is a newly developed table tennis rubber from Yasaka. When we developed the table tennis rubber RIGAN the goal was to combine the advantages of ”classical” rubbers and ”modern technology” rubbers. With RIGAN you get a perfect ball control and a dynamic speed characteristics, resulting in a rubber that is very easy to handle. RIGAN has a high durability and offers good value for the money.

The top sheet made of natural rubber creates stable spin and draws an ideal parabola due to the synergistic effect with the new sense "RIGAN sponge" with excellent bite and elasticity. It has extremely high power conductivity and can accurately transmit the energy at the time of hitting.

Even though it is equipped with “Hybrid Energy”, which combines tension sponges with a high grip top sheet, it is easier to handle by adopting softer sheets and sponges.

You can hit the ball with confidence, because you can hold the ball firmly and turn it.

Speed 10+   Spin 12+  Control 11  Hardness 4